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In quest of USB Extensions for U3, or U3 HDK documentation?


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Does anyone have a complete list of the usb chipset extensions for U3, or a pointer to the U3 HDK documentation?

I believe with U3 being replaced by a new joint Sandisk-Microsoft agreement, that there is no longer any path to officially obtain this documentation.

U3 adds a number of extensions to the SCSI protocol. 

These are typically accessed, as per my previous post, using SCSI PASSTHRU to the device itself.

These commands allow repartitioning of the device, setting and clearing the password protection, setting and retrieving "cookies", and some informational commands.

There are also some surprising commands, such as one which returns an apparent source of high entropy random data.

My list is unfortunately incomplete, because some of these commands have non-obvious parameters which are difficult to figure out through automated approaches.

so I am searching for the command-set reference from the U3 Hardware Development Kit, with hopes that someone here might have access to it.

Thanks in advance.

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