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Which Firewall to use


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I wanted to kno whats the best firewall to use IPcop,Smoothwall or M0n0wall I have a small network I have 3 workstation, a NAS and I want to add Wireless Via my WRT54GL i was told to just turn off the DHCP server and Routing on linksys router n let firewall do the DHCP I just want to kno whats the best of the 3

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I can't say for m0n0wall as I haven't used it, although the thought of an 8Mb installation does sound intriguing. I have however used both Smoothwall and IPcop, and for adding wireless I would recommend IPcop over Smoothwall.

IPcop has built in support for four nic's: red (internet), green (lan), orange (dmz), and blue (wireless), and with that it has built in the option to segregate the wireless traffic from the rest of the network, while still keeping things within the same ip subnet, which could be useful later on if you wanted to open up the wireless end of things.

While I found Smoothwall a little easier to configure and slightly less overwhelming with options than IPcop, I am not aware of a way to add wireless to a Smoothwall box other than setting it up on the orange (dmz) nic, which would seem to just overly complicate things. As security devices either one should be perfectly fine, but for using the wrt54g as your wireless bridge, I'd go with IPcop.

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