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Anyone with decent Cowpatty hash files?


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I've been working on generating cowpatty hash files to audit a wireless network at work.  I have all the hash files from the schmoo group.  They are good tables and have had luck auditing my own test AP but they aren't complete enough for a more secure PSK.  I have also used john the ripper to generate tables to convert to hash via genpmk.  I was just curious who may be working on similar tasks and what they have used.

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I've never actually heard of the possibility of creating hashed for cracking wpa, i've only dreamt about it. So now that I know, I will research more and start generating. Post what you already have, maybe we can share tables. I have a friend who will definately help out with his old computer and new core 2 duo  :lol:

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oh yes cowpatty 4.0 includes genpmk. This will allow you to pre-generate the hash files needed to quickly compare what you have captured in the 4-way handshake from the network you are auditing.  These hash files will take hours to generate depending on the size of your dictionary file and the speed of your system. I am looking for some help however...I have access to a powerful Dell server with a mess o' Xeons running suse enterprise 9. I have been having trouble installing cowpatty. I get missing .h files. I have tried moving the missing .h files into the program directory. I have tried checking out the Makefile file. I have no idea what to try even after hours of googling. I know its something simple I'm missing. I use the backtrack 2 cd with cowpatty 4.0 ready to run usually but I thought I'd like to put this idle server to use. Any linux people able to give some help. What can I tell you about the problem that would help us solve this. (oh as far as sharing what I have. you can simply dowload it from the church of wifi. they have 7gb tables for 1000ssids and 35gb tables for 1000ssids. The tables I have generated will only work on the networks I have audited.) What I need are good dictionary files in unix format w/o windows return character.

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perhaps i will boot off the cd.  I dont want to let it defeat me. I have been trying to install cowpatty on my home ubuntu laptop w/o luck. I posted the error output from make for cowpatty on churchofwifi and renderman(who knows what hes doing) said i was missing a ton of libraries. I'll keep trying to install openssl properly w/o errors.

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nope, I didn't boot off the backtrack cd. I'm sure that will work. Its a long story but I can do whatever to the server at work, but I don't really want to reboot it. Its a test machine. Its been up for 228 days. So, I am still struggling with the make command. I am going crazy here. I have tried installing it on 3 different systems. The variable that is the same is ME. I am missing something. I don't want to have the crutch of backtrack to get it working. I need to learn to install all the software on a decent Linux distro that I can update etc. For example aircrack-ptw isn't on the backtrack cd. I know I can get this, I just need some tips. The available power of that server ready to tap into is motivation. I ran ubench on it.  CPU score 515,252. MEM 273,617. AVG 394,434. those are pretty good scores if you compare to those on the ubench site. Must have genpmk running on this monster. tips, help anyone? I can post any information you may need.

OK, I have gotten them all to work.

what was missing...





43 pass/sec on the dell server. Not impressive. Something must be wrong. I get 50+ on P4 2.66 laptop. and 65 or so on 3400+ AMD.

Anyone else out there using cowpatty? anyone care to discuss your wireless auditing successes?

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