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Noob XHTML Question about Templet

Justin Ewing

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From all the godaddy ads I hear on a variety of podcasts I gather that you should get some free hosting with that domain and if you do they probably also have a nice and simple step by step guide somewhere on their site. It's just a bit much to write a complete guide when there (probably) already is a pretty complete one available.

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First you need to make sure you have hosting (not just a domain*)

then get the ftp info (username, pass, url, etc)

in windows you can use explorer, and just paste the url into the address bar, enter credentials, and just copy to it.

and what do you mean by a template?  Is it just a page that looks like what you want your site to look like?

* no, I don't think your stupid.  It just a common thing I deal with all the time.

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