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HID/Mass Storage interaction

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After purchasing a Rubber Ducky V2.0 trying the Hello World example. Therefore I replaced the inject.com and HelloWorld works like expected.

The HelloWorld script is always executed at power up or enumeration of the ducky what is also like expected. Same time, the ducky does not enumerate any more as mass storage. This requires to press the ducky button to gain access to the flash storage. Further, the green LED is always illuminated while there are no LED commands inside the HelloWorld script.

I am afraid to stall my new ducky accidently, as  long as I did not understand when and who is executed or enumerated.


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It will execute the payload at every boot, so nothing strange about that. If you want to stop it from running the payload, you have to replace the payload with something else. Or, as you say, press the button at boot to enter arming mode.

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Thanks and sorry for not reading the manual. In the meantime I am familiar with the ATTAKMODE and BUTTON_DEF commands. Of coarse I run in the trap where mass storage disappeared very soon and solved using external micro SD reader.

The only thing when the duc behaviour is not like expected, inject.bin always shows 0 bytes size. This happens frequently for the reason of USB disconnect without using eject before to restart a new downloaded payload for testing. Obviously Ubuntu delays the file write operation to duc very long inside its cache what is not known from other SD-Cards.

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