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TETRA Crashes and Reboot on BSSID

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The Tetra appears to function just fine on most tasks except when it comes to enabling BSSID. 

Even with only one SSID in the pool.  All 3 LED's peg and then crash and reboot with the PineAP disabled. 

I am on AC power, backed up by 2x USB power cables.  I have tried v2.4.1 and 2.7.  Multiple factory resets, endless combinations of config settings.

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7 hours ago, bazcar said:

enabling BSSID

You have to be more detailed about that. What are you referring to? The BSSID is a mac address of an AP/ESSID.

Explain step by step what you are trying to do so that others can try to reproduce it all and see if they and up with the same issue(s) you are experiencing.

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Doing the exact same procedure won't make my Tetra reboot. It works as expected. The main two things I can think of that might be the source of your issue is 1) the Tetra doesn't get the 24 watts it needs for normal operation, or 2) that there is some hardware that is failing making it reboot in the way you experience.

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