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Cloud c2 Functionality with Mark VII


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I jut got the cloud c2 setup with my Mark VII Pineapple and there is no option to capture handshakes, setup modules like the captive portal, and many other random functions that the main web interface has. I saw there was a post about this 3 years ago stating the limited functionality of c2 with the pineapple and it should be improved in the future. Well, we are in 2024 now and it seems to still not have this basic functionality. Is there another way to perform basic functions like handshake captures and configure the modules via the c2 interface yet that I am unaware of? 

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Yeah, the issue is the c2 cloud web gui doesn't have the same functionality as connecting directly to the pineapple web gui. The original question is if this functionality is going to be available in the future because it was mentioned it would be in a 3 year old post when someone asked before.

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