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help flashing the pineapple enterprise

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Hey everybody,

So I have a problem with my pineapple enterprise.

I didn't use it for 3/4 year but I recently booted it again for a customer project. The web-interface said that the image wasn't flashed correctly (I remember last time I used it, it was working fine).

So I loaded the recovery firmware according to this documentation -> https://docs.hak5.org/wifi-pineapple-enterprise/faq/factory-reset-and-recovery

Everything seemed to work fine. After I uploaded the recovery firmware, a red LED was blinking. After that, I had a solid blue LED and I thought everything went well. Problem is: the pineapple enterprise doesn't spawn a wlan network to connect and set it up. I also tried connecting the pineapple directly to my computer but the web interface doesn't show up. I also can't ping my pineapple.

Im now stuck. Did anybody had the same problem or knows what might be the issue?

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