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Keycroc Apt Updates - Extra Tools


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Attempting to install the extra tools per the instructions by running: INSTALL_EXTRAS. While attempting to run this, there appears to be an issue with the apt headers that come stock on the device. Many of these headers are 404 errors and get stuck at "waiting for headers". Has anyone else been experiencing this issue or have updated list of headers to be using? I am running the latest 1.4 firmware. 

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This is probably (or, it is) due to the fact that Jessie is EOL since long. Both the Bunny and Croc needs some tweaking to get apt related things to work, if being able to get it working at all but that totally depends on what you are trying to install (Ruby as a dependency in this case). The INSTALL_EXTRAS script is also using the very same deb files that are available for download in the Bunny forum section, and those are very old versions of each tool. (As a side note, the INSTALL_EXTRAS script runs apt-get upgrade and that isn't a good thing regardless if apt would work or not since it could break things).

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