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QuickCreds and NTLMv1 hashes


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Anyone already used QuickCreds with BB or Responder and had only NTLMv1 hashes ? I tried on different computers win10, I have NTLMv2 hashes except for one of them. I'm trying to find out what are these hashes because it seems it's not related to my windows password.


Thanks for your help !

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Hello dark_pyrro,


Thanks for your answer. That's right, it's better with an example, sorry. I was thinking more of a "theoretical" answer if someone had already had it so it didn't occur to me to put a hash.


This is one of them, found in Proxy-Auth-NTLMv1-


MW-XXXX is my computer's name. My login name doesn't appear in it contrary to the NTLMv2 hashes wherein I have LOGIN::COMPUTERNAME:......


Thanks !

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