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UCI Error - no solution

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I am totally bummed I cant find a solution to the (UCI unable to set Country to Radio 1 error), tried all the forums. the sad part is I had to wait 45 days for them to ship and then the ship time,  😞 so dissappointed, I cant seem to get any response to my tickets. 😞 

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Just send an email to the address from which the order confirmation was sent. It has worked for me when I've had reasons to have questions about my orders (which hasn't been many btw over the years). I guess you are the same one that posted on Discord about that error. The USB (onboard) hub is probably broken which doesn't make it possible to access the USB mounted radios (and when saying USB, I don't refer to any of the physical USB ports on the Pineapple, but a USB hub that you can't use like a regular hub since it's onboard connecting the onboard 7601 based radios that you seem to have issues with).

Also, make sure that the Pineapple gets enough power. I seem to remember that there has been situations when an underpowered Pineapple has shown such error. Use a power source that is guaranteed to be able to deliver 2A and that the cable used is rated for at least 2A as well (using the cable that came with the Pineapple is a good start). If these requirements have been met, and it still show those errors, then it's likely that the mentioned USB hub is bad.

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