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do devices work countries other than America (UK, Europe ect)


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Hey guys, this may seem daft but please don't criticize me, my first time attempting to use Pentest gear, but i want to ask does the hak5 gear work in other countries and not just America where its made, I'm not from America and i want to start using pen test gear for projects and build up my hack portfolio but i can't find any decent hardware for sale in my continent. So I'm just asking before making a purchase, does this hardware work worldwide without any region limitation like DVDs (region 1 = US & Canada, region 2 = Europe ect) ? Thanks

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There's nothing restricting the use of Hak5 devices just because they are located outside of the US. There are even official resellers in both the EU and UK. I'm located within the EU and I've had Hak5 devices for well over 10 years now and all of them are working (15-ish in total).

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