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SSH Screen Crab

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Hi all. As I understand it there is a cert issue stopping the Crab connecting to the C2 server. I have tried everything recomended to resolve this and got nowhere but would still like to grab loot remotely from the crab as apart from the broken C2 issue it works very well. Is it possible to SSH into a Crab like you cam most other online HAK 5 products like Turtles and Crocs and Pineapples. I like the Crab but really would like to access it remotely. Also does it have a default password? Thanks everyone.



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As I posted on Discord, ssh doesn't work out of the box, you will have to hack/tweak the Crab to enable that. But it will also void warranty since you're not expected to do such things to the Crab. As soon as you start to change things, you're really on your own (at least when it comes to any claims against Hak5 as a company). One important thing to remember when it comes to the Crab (compared to other Hak5 devices), is that there is no "factory reset" option. So if you get stuck or brick the Crab, you can't easily revert it back to an "out of the box" state. Therefore, it's important that you don't do things that you haven't got the knowledge to back out of (if it's even possible to back out of it). If you, despite the warnings, try to do things to the Crab, you will most likely start by accessing it using hardware serial and go from there. It's not the "ordinary" Linux box either, it's Android based which also requires some extra knowledge when it comes to how that OS "branch" works. I've got ssh set up on my Crab along with a web server, etc. etc. But I wouldn't at all recommend it if you don't know what you are doing and the risks that comes with it.

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Hi all. I just want to say the Crab does indeed work with the C2 server. The problem was sorted with the help of two very patient and decent guys from the HAK5 Discord.

I am very impressed with the Crab as I am with all the HAK5 products I own and the C2 server is excellent. The crab is the perfect companion for the Key Croc and it's awesome when they are both running together Via the C2.

The certificate issue is sortable and details on how to do that I believe are on this forum and on the Discord.

Thanks again to the Discord guys for giving me their time and thanks again to HAK5 for another awesome product.


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