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Errors in modules


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Hey everyone. Is there anyone here that can help me diagnose what is going with my Mark7. This thing will randomly go out to lunch and log tons of errors such as: dial unix /tmp/modules/tcpdump.sock: connect: resource temporarily unavailable. This will happen almost all of the time on every module and I need to restart the device. This is very annoying as these errors should be handled.

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Be more specific and detailed

Select one (1) module and describe the steps you do and where/when the error occurs.

If it happens "almost all of the time on every module", then I would probably look somewhere else other than the modules themselves. But... more info needed to be able to try to assist. Never had such issues, at least not for all modules and not all of the time.

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I have gone into the modules, selected tcpdump, specified br-ln with no other options and click scan. After about 3 to 4 minutes, I can change screens and that error will popup. This happens on all most all of the modules that I have installed (there aren't very many). There is zero logging that I am aware of for me to even look at to explain if the device is out of resources, or a bug. What is even more interesting is that the more you use the device socket errors, module unavailable errors popup.

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