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Issue wiping a device (pineapple enterprise) from the CloudC2 dashboard

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Hello everyone, I have an issue with the wiping of pineapple device from the CloudC2 dashboard (downloaded from hak5). Basically I can connect to the CloudC2 dashboard, I can connect my Wifi PineApple Enterprise and everything works. But the problem is when I am done with the device I'd like to wipe all data on it, but it never seems to complete, or perhaps I am missing an option to wipe data such as handshakes, Access point Names, Recon Scan files, and the information such as notifications etc.. in the DB.

Has anyone encountered this issue?

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Yes I agree, support is very minimal to none it seems, it's too bad because this product could be so much better with a bit of support/dev involved. I ended up writing my own 'Wipe' Module which uses their API to remove the data (whatever is available with the API) and for others files i wanted to remove/clear I used python. Also, I added a download file feature in my module since I do not see anywhere in the UI to download files from the pineapple (besides a git push/pull).

There was a new CloudC2 update which helped a little for the syncing issues (sometimes causing some sort of DDoS in our case, before the update). I did not retest the Wipe feature of the CloudC2 since the devices are currently in use.

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