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I just bought a pinapple enterprise device. I am self-taught and I want to understand the "pentest" on wifi networks. So I downloaded the latest firmware following the instructions in the manual. I got to UI and started looking. Then at the end of the day I turned off the pineapple business. The next day when I wanted to connect like the day before on the "enterprice" device, the latter no longer appeared in my wifi spectrum. So I went to the interface of my Bouygues box and I noticed that the "enterprise" device was inactive even though it was powered on. I looked in the authorized access part of my box and I found the enterprise device in the "authorized" column. I then looked on my Windows 10 PC to see if the antivirus had an exception as well as the firewall, I saw nothing. I rebooted my enterprise device, and it still did not appear in my wifi spectrum. I don't know where I could have made a mistake? Can you help me get back to the right methodology? thanks in advance
best looks

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