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Pineapple Mark 7 firmware issue

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Hello everyone, I am having an issue with my pineapple, a few issues actually but let’s start with my first issue.

1. When I plug my Pineapple on my laptop (windows 11) it gets detected in my device manager as the axis ax…. adapter but with a yellow exclamation point (warming sign). Now when I go to my network connection the pineapple isn’t listed in there, I tried to uninstall in the device manager and reinstall the driver but it did not change anything.

2. Moving on past question #1, I am able to connect to the and the login appears for a fraction of a second then says there is an issue with my firmware that I need to flash it. Sometimes the page for the setup appears but when I click Begin Setup then the next page appears to select usb or wifi setup and if I click anything on the page it freezes and doesn’t load anything. 

Has anyone encountered one of these issues before? Is there a way to flash it directly from my laptop instead of using the web interface? 

Any help is appreciated, I will be trying a few more things today.



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Hey dark_pyrro, thanks for the quick reply! For usb cables, I tried the one that came with it, one that charges phones faster, one that goes from usb-c to usb-a but it is not a usb cable issue. I got it figured out, it’s flashing the firmware to the recovery one as we speak, then I’ll update to the latest version.

How I resolved it?

Hopefully this thread will help others having these issues. I read a thread in this forum that helped me resolve the issue. Using Kali (or any other linux) in a VM, I simply followed the steps found in the link (infosecwriteups) posted by one of the members.


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