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Pineapple not working good!


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I ordered the Pineapple Mark Vii Tactical which i received today but its not working good.

On my own network, the pineapple do not find any clients on my 5GHZ band. and 1 instead of the 2 clients of my 2.4 Ghz.
Deauth the 1 client on my own network is not working with the pineapple, and with my deauther watch from dstike it is working well and also with Kali and usb wifi adapter it is working.

Also no getting handshakes!


Also after installing the module HTTPeek, i get this error after opening HTTPeek in the modules overview: 

Error [object Object]
Also when i choose for HIDDEN at the open network, the network still shows up and is not hidden.
WPASec is also not working, after putting in the code from WPAsec and press SAVE button, nothing happened and its not the browser.
alot of problems, i hope it can be fixed and someone know how..
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This problem is solved by installing earlier version of the firmware and then update the firmware, only now i have the problems you replied to short time ago:
deauth doesnt work, capturing handshakes doesnt word and starting.

Pineapple mark vii looked good first, but im very dissapointed. You cannot select 1 SSID to scan and monitor. You cannot easily select a SSID, capture handshake and choose a dictionary attack or other attack.

HTTPeek doesnt work, when pressing enable and then start, he keeps loading and circling arround and nothing happened. But in systemlog no errors anymore, but pineapple is not working fine and not functional

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I sended you the following message: 


I cannot answer the topic because i reached the maximum.. strange.

But i use wlan3 (both 2.4 and 5ghz adapter) for scanning. And i just checked: automatically capture handshakes. And nothing happened. Not getting handshakes. 100 networks around me. When i target my own network, press the button deauth clients nothing happened.


Hope it is something small, in kali with my cheap alieexpress wifi adapter everything works fine and also with my Dstike deauther watch. 

I also want to deauth clients for long time instead of couple of seconds.. but i need the shell for that, or not? 


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