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Shark Jack mobile connection and laptop connection by cable

Joao Almeida

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What Android device are you using (make/model/Android version)?

Using any kind of adapter in the "chain" between the Shark and the Android device? Or, just straight USB-C port on Android device >> USB-C connector on the Shark cable?

Regarding laptop connection to the Shark; what OS are you running on the laptop? What software are you using to set the serial communication up?

And, just to be sure; it's the cable version of the Shark you're using, not the battery based one, right?!

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i am using a samsung s22 versions android 14.

No just using a usb cable between the shark and the android.

the OS of the laptop is windows 11 and i-m using putty and terminal. (ssh root@"IP") none of them work.

i am using a battery cable from my samsung s22. i dont have the cable servios of the shark

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You can't get serial communication working on the battery based Shark just by connecting it to a device (Android or computer) with a USB cable. It's only the Shark Jack Cable (the non-battery version), that allows serial communication. The USB-C port of the battery based Shark is just for charging the Shark.

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Yes, that's the intended way of communicating with the Shark. Either in attack mode or arming mode (depending on how you want to communicate with it, either way it's via ssh mainly, but there's a web interface as well).

However, it is actually possible to connect to the battery based Shark using hardware serial, but that involves cracking the case open, soldering, etc. and (perhaps the most important) it will void any warranty of the product so it's not at all recommended.

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