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A 'friend' of mine has a question


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A 'friend ' of mine has a query,

He is tired of playing with rapberry pi zeros an scripts and the like and now is just after some results goddam it (his words not mine).

I (err..... HE) would be interested in purchasing a pineapple and running it in what the young folks call a 'tactical backpack' with a suitable battery and use it walking around to use man in the middlle or evil twin attacks.

Is this possible? what sort of battery would he need, is a USB powerpack suitable?

Examples of what other users have done would appreciated




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Probably a question for the Pineapple section of the forums, and... probably something one should avoid since "use it walking around to use man in the middlle or evil twin attacks" most likely is illegal in any civilized country if it's being made on resources that you don't have explicit permission to do so.

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