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Spec Requirements for Self-hosting

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Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I've looked through the C2 documentation and did not come across any minimum spec requirements to self-host this. Does anyone know what a good minimum would be to get this going (CPU, RAM, storage)? They mentioned going with the least expensive lightsail to run it but was hoping for more definitive numbers. Thank you for your time and I appreciate any information. 

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Why do you need more definitive numbers? It's easier to provide some kind of opinion if you're more specific about your needs (version of C2 that you plan to use, how many devices are you going to attach to the C2 server, if it's any kind of exfiltration scenario; what amounts of data is going to be extracted from devices to the C2 server in a specific time unit, any specific hardware that you already have plans to run it on and if so what specs does that hardware feature, etc, etc).

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To answer your questions, I was planning on using their latest 3.3 Stable release. For the # of devices, I want to leave room for scalability for testing in my own environment as I add more VM/pcs/servers, etc. At first, I plan to add the 3 Hak5 devices I bought over the years, but plan to buy different equipment for different testing like network exfiltration, keystrokes, Wifi pen-testing etc. Currently, I do not expect to run many tests concurrently, so I do not think the amount of data extracted will be too over the top. I expect this to change in time as I learn more. Think in the range like running the LAN turtle on one pc.

My original plan was to start this on an SBC like the Pi 3 A+ if the mins are not too demanding; however, over time as my lab grows and the # of machines grow, I was thinking of dedicating a mini pc with 4 cores 8-16 GB RAM max to it. Do you think this would be too much assuming a 20-30 max device setup or am I over/underestimating the resource requirements for the c2 server? 

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I wouldn't worry that much about the specs with such requirements. Just install it and run it and you'll figure out when the hardware is the limiting factor. Using the RPi you mention will most likely be just fine to start with if just using a very few devices that isn't that active.

The same thing goes with the scenario if scaling things up, just test with what hardware you have available. And, if planning for 20-30 devices, you need to step up from the free community version and buy the Professional version, and in that case you should have access to standard support (not just community support) and can most likely ask official support about any hardware setup suggestions depending on your use case scenario.

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