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Wifi pineapple mark VII firmware upload error

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Getting firmware flash error fork/exec/Usr/bin/splitweb: cannot allocate memory 

I've tried from oldest firmware to the newest and keep getting that after each factory reset I try a different firmware and still the same sucks to have such a awesome piece of pentesting tool that now acts like paper weight anyone that's had this and found a solution that can help me? I'd appreciate it alot thank you 

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After doing a factory reset/firmware recovery (according to the procedure described in the documentation), download the latest upgrade file from the Hak5 downloads web site and verify its SHA256 checksum, then:

scp the upgrade to your pineapples /tmp directory
ssh into the pineapple and enter the /tmp directory
(verifying the sha256sum locally on the Pineapple as well isn't a bad idea, just to be sure)
Execute: splitweb /tmp/upgrade.bin (or whatever firmware filename that has been downloaded)
Then run: sysupgrade -n /tmp/upgrade.bin

You do the above at your own risk. I'd suggest submitting a support ticket if you want to get official assistance on what to do.

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