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On 12/13/2023 at 6:52 PM, dark_pyrro said:

Equipment is less important, knowledge is higher up on the ladder. If you don't know what to do, then equipment won't help you do a good job. If you have the knowledge, you know what equipment you need.

Hi dark_pyrro, I agree. Knowledge is power.


Maybe you can do me and others a favour? Can you share some literature you recommend to begin with, books etc that are general in nature for the industry.

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I have to say... I almost never ever read books when it comes to cybersec. I have quite a few for sure, but I always revert to things online. It's the natural way to learn for me and has always been from the point in time when internet was a relevant source of information (in my case since the beginning of the 90's even though it was far from what it is today in terms of available information).

One way to do it (at least the way I would do it) is to decide what area of knowledge you want to focus on and then start to study hard, either it'd be web, Windows environments, OT, or whatever. If you want to buy books, then go ahead. And/or use web resources such as articles, white papers, CTF oriented web sites, etc.

Also, try not to focus that much on the hacking perspective at first. Try to be good at the tech that is used, then you'd be a much better pen tester (or whatever area you want to enter in the cybersec realm). If you know web, you will be a much better "red teamer". If you have Windows environments in mind as future targets in customer engagements, then become good at Windows (client/server), AD, networking, etc. etc.

The most recent list of books focusing on "hacking" that I've seen is the one posted on YouTube by Bombal. I have no idea if it's good quality or not.



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