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Rubber Duck - Fake Ransomware


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Hello.  I'm wanting to pentest our employees like we do for test phishing emails.  We want to see if anyone will pick it up from outside and plug it in inside.  Then give some training, then retest down the road.  My idea is to make a graphic/photo go full screen and not allow the user to close it.  Then when they run to IT we will know who picked it up.  

I was thinking I could open a website to a site on the lan, f12 to full screen, and somehow disable mouse and keyboard.  Any beginner resources?

Thanks a ton

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Read the documentation (you have to be careful when reading though since the old docs for the 1st gen Ducky is removed and is combined with the docs for the 2nd gen Ducky), also check DuckyScripts on GitHub. How to achieve what you want to do is less Ducky related and is more about getting knowledge about how to do it in the target OS. Then make it happen using the Ducky.

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