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Can Multiple Index.PHP Files Coexist in a Captive Portal Setup? (MARK VII only)


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I’m encountering a challenge with the captive portal module and seeking insights. The core issue revolves around the handling of multiple index.PHP files. My project involves a captive portal with a primary landing page and a secondary form sign-in page, both designed to capture credentials before redirecting users.

In my setup, I’ve modified existing kleos captive portals to suit specific requirements, and they function effectively. However, the complication arises with a new portal configuration containing multiple index PHP files (index.php, index2.php). This portal, unlike others, deposits all its files directly into the /www directory.

Notably, when I clear the /www directory, leaving only the captive portal directory (which appears only when the evil portal is active), all portals operate flawlessly without any error in portal activation. The problem persists exclusively when I attempt to activate the portal with the aforementioned multiple index.PHP files, causing disarray as all files are placed in the /www directory.

I’m currently troubleshooting this issue. If anyone has experienced similar challenges or has theories on potential solutions, your expertise would be greatly appreciated.


I’m currently using the most up-to-date firmware of the Wi-Fi pineapple Mark VII and the evil portal module is in updated to 1.3….

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