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Shark Jack cable won't download Payloads with UPDATE_PAYLOADS

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Hi all,


Just received my new Shark Jack Cable. It's connected to an Android Phone with a terminal app.

When booted, plugged into LAN and in ARMING MODE, I used NETMODE DHCP_CLIENT and then ping -c3 (success ping).

Then typed UPDATE_PAYLOADS and I get this message:


Downloading payloads repository...

tar: can't open '/tmp'

payloads-sync.tar.gz': no such file or directory

cp: can't stat '/tmp/payloads-sync/sharkjack-payloads-master/payloads/library': no such file or directory.

Successfully synchronized payloads repository.




Payload library is missing. Run UPDATE_PAYLOADS to sync the payload library.


Device: shark

Firmware version: 1.2.0

web ui version: 1.0.1

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It's because the URL used in the UPDATE_PAYLOADS script file is https based and curl just throws an error back (that you can't see since it's set up to execute silently) if the date/time is wrong which results in the fact that the tar.gz file isn't downloaded which is why you get those errors. The script file can't really handle that though and it gets a bit confusing since it says that things are successful.

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it's because the Shark hasn't got any RTC so it will revert to something it knows (which isn't the correct date or the date you last set it to). If it has got internet connection (which isn't always the case) you could run ntpd to get the date and time from the internet. But if it's offline, it will behave like that (i.e. revert to that date you posted which most likely is linked to when the firmware was created since 1.2.0 has that specific date stamp on files and directories).

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