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Column widths Pineapple Mark VII


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Hi, newbie with memory retention issues, hoping someone can help.

Does anyone know of a way to fix column widths on the Recon page?
Some OUI's push other columns off the screen completely.
I'm sure it's simple and obvious but I've not found it in searches.


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Thanks dark_pyrro

Sorry this is so late. Spam filter rule added.

I've tried Firefox & Chrome on PC, Firefox & Chromium on Pi's and Firefox & Chrome on mobiles in desktop and mobile settings. So far the only work around has been to zoom to extremes and go back to 100% but it hasn't always worked.
Pi's have been on 1360x768, 720p, 1080p. Phones are all 1440p. I can't get down the stairs to check the PC. All addons are disabled for the Pineapple except Dark Reader - once I knew it wasn't affecting the pages I enabled it. It's darker than the Pienapple's dark mode.

If I can't set column width, is there a way to limit the OUI string length?

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