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cant connect to


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You have to be more specific about your setup in order to try to troubleshoot.

Is it a Mark VII Pineapple?

How are you connected to the Pineapple? If it's a Mark VII, I assume it's via the USB-C Ethernet port of the Pineapple.

Can you ping the Pineapple (even if you won't get any response using the URL in a browser)?

Are you sure that the browser you are using isn't "reverting" to https instead of http, i.e. forcing https?

What OS is the device running to which you are connecting the Pineapple?

In what way did you set up the address on the device connected to the Pineapple?

Can you connect to the management and/or open AP of the Pineapple (without setting any static IP address on the device from which you are connecting, and just let DHCP take care of it) and then access the web UI?

What specific part of the documentation are you referring to?


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Good afternoon,

I've been having issues reconnecting to the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII.

After rebooting the Pineapple, getting a steady red light. (w/ all the antennas)


on Kali, and PC I proceeded to change to an static IP Address.

then proceeded to connect to and  in order to do a factory reset since I don't see the PineApple signal under Wi-Fi connections.

I tried pinging it, host is unreachable.


I've tried everything, I don't know whatelse to do. Is the device faulty?

Please help, I can get on discord sometime tonight.



Blue blinking light turns to green (blinking) It never holds a blue steady light for longer than 20 seconds.

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14 hours ago, natosama said:

on Kali, and PC I proceeded to change to an static IP Address

Is Kali running on bare metal, or in a VM?

14 hours ago, natosama said:

then proceeded to connect to and

None of those URL:s will work for the recovery, use

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