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DNS spoofing for pentesting


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Hello everyone, I am working on a cybersecurity penetration testing on our embedded system. I am trying to block the aws.amazon.com cloud server so that I cannot access this website. I can block random website and it works, however, for aws.amazon.com, I cannot block it for some reason. I will attach what I receive when I do nslookup and see the difference between adidas.com and aws.amazon.com. 

I appreciate any help, thank you.

root@mk7:~# nslookup adidas.com

Name:      adidas.com
Address 1:
*** Can't find adidas.com: No answer
root@mk7:~# nano /etc/hosts
root@mk7:~# nslookup aws.amazon.com
Name:      aws.amazon.com
Address 1:
aws.amazon.com  canonical name = tp.8e49140c2-frontier.amazon.com
tp.8e49140c2-frontier.amazon.com        canonical name = dr49lng3n1n2s.cloudfront.net
Address 2: 2600:9000:2046:5e00:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 3: 2600:9000:2046:5200:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 4: 2600:9000:2046:ea00:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 5: 2600:9000:2046:d200:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 6: 2600:9000:2046:400:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 7: 2600:9000:2046:dc00:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 8: 2600:9000:2046:5800:1c:a813:8512:c241
Address 9: 2600:9000:2046:1e00:1c:a813:8512:c241
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