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Rubber Ducky Loves to Open Microsoft 365 and I Don't Know Why!!!


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After receiving my Ducky USB I hurriedly copy and paste payload ducky script into my inject.bin file and saved it. after doing so it redirected me to this website 3 times https://www.microsoft365.com/?from=OfficeKey after running the script.

I'm guessing there was something wrong with the payload so I write a simple one consisting of a delay of about 3000 and a string of "test" and even with a simple payload such as that I'm still redirected to the Microsoft 365 website. I try a final script of just DELAY 3000 and the windows security options screen appears (ctrl + alt + del screen). I then try it on a different computer but I'm still redirected to the Microsoft 365 setup.

I have read the startup guide and quick reference guide but have not found anything useful. I noticed another form in the past that was answered pertaining this issue but it did not seem helpful. I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this issue and I appreciate all input from the community.

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