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hacking android 4 pin code


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I am using theĀ  the android brutforce script on the usual paylods github repository.

I have already compiled the scripts using the studio then downloaded the inject.bin to the sd card.

However when I plug it into my pixel 6, nothing happens. I noticed if ii press the button twice the led turns red but still it does nothing.

Has Google fixed the HID keyboard exploit?

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Can you use an ordinary wired keyboard along with the phone (i.e. writing on the phone with a keyboard connected using USB)? Did you try with an OTG adapter?

Even if you successfully get the Ducky to identify itself on the device, that payload will probably not be successful due to the fact that brute forcing the PIN on an Android device most likely will lock down the phone after a certain number of tries. There are a lot of years since the brute force method was successful and I don't think there has been any new attack vector revealed to circumvent this.

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