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Bricked Mark VII factory reset


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When doing a factory reset on a mark vii the light turns red, which should be the case. The issue is the usb port no longer works when plugged into the a mac or windows device. Port shows down. If i boot the device normally, the light shows blue. port shows connected, but device never becomes pingable on using a local ip.

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Doesnt seem to matter if its windows or mac os. The usb port on the mark vii appears to shutdown when the light is solid red. If i reboot in non reset mode, it blinks blue, then goes solid blue. The port then shows connected, but the stand ip address does not work.

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I am going through the recovery steps. I have the IP set to, have downloaded the latest firmware and confirmed the hash for the file. I navigated to the recovery interface and selected the correct firmware file for upload but the upload path shows "C:\fakepath\upgrade-2.1.3-stable.2022101708401.bin". I click Upload and it erros out every time. Am I doing somethign wrong?

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I have similar problem, 
1. Put Pineapple into factory recovery mode by holding the reset button > 3 red blinks > solid red 
2. Assigned Fixed IP to ASIX adapter

The adapter is being recognized by Windows but it is showing the network cable unplugged 

I think this is bad pineapple!
Is there a way to flash this via serial port and how? 

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