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Does Quickcreds work on recent locked Windows computer ?


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I recently bought a BashBunny Mark 2 (FW 1.7_332) and I'd like to use it on a Windows 10 locked computer to recover users hashes with Quickcreds Payload

I copied paylaod on switch 1 and install responder DEB file.

When I plug in the USB key, the light starts green, changes to purple, and then stays flashing yellow. I waited about 1H, but it stayed flashing yellow.

If I unlock the computer, the payload works without any problems.

I tried on differents computers,  but always the same problem..

Any idea please ?

Is there another payload to grab the users hashes on locked computer ?


Thank you for your help


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Yes, if you get a NTLM hash it will turn green. If not, it will continue to blink yellow. There's no guarantee though that it will ever be able to obtain the hash. Also make sure to leave it for a while. It can take all from 2 seconds from when it starts to blink yellow (i.e. attack started) to well over a minute.

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