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Run Cloud C2 on Local Machine


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The issue was, I was setting another class for the hostname. Now I used the exact same IP as the machine plus the 8080 port and it worked.
but after a day, when I restarted the machine, it doesn't work!
[*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 v3.3.0
[*] Hostname:
[*] DB Path: c2.db
[*] Validating License
        [!] Internet Connection required to activate C2 License

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That is nothing related to your specific C2 setup. It's a (most likely) certificate glitch in the Hak5 infrastructure that supports C2. On every start, the C2 instance verifies the license against a kind of service that Hak5 has up and running. If the C2 server hasn't got internet access, or that something like certificates aren't behaving as expected, then the C2 server won't start.

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