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TETRA issues with C2


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Hello all... Please forgive my English since it is not the primary language...

I set up AWS C2 (HAK5 video guide) without domain/https. Simple installation. I added my TETRA with no issue and got a few problems. It might be that I'm dumb or overlook some settings.

So... When I work outside C2, TETRA is working just fine. I can do all the magic with no issue. When going over C2, almost nothing works, I think. Any magic gives not so much results.

I set filters to "Deny all." As in MAC and SSID, the list is empty. In C2 and on local (local meaning using browser pineapple GUI). The plan is to catch all the things.

In PineAp (C2), I enable "Capture SSIDs to Pool " and no SSID ever gets into a list or is captured at any point. It's the same as Probes, which gives no result at all.

If I activate Recon, it never finishes it, and I lose connection which requires going locally and restarting TETRA.

I can connect to Open SSID, as shown in Clients, as any other connected device.

A random disconnect of the TETRA-added device from C2 also requires me to restart the TETRA device.

More/less that is an issue after the last couple hours trying to get it working.

Even factory reset and so, and none of these issues is happening with Mark VII. MarkVII is working on C2 just as it works locally.


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I can't recreate/reproduce those issues. Recon works as well as capturing ESSIDs to pool using the Tetra UI in C2. Just doing a recon scan for about 30 seconds resulted in 20 APs and about 10 clients and during that time the ESSID pool was populated with 10+ entries. Getting 10+ probes as well. I guess you have to be more detailed about your "work process" to be able to try to troubleshoot it all.

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