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Brand new screen crab will not connect to any wifi networks and I've spent 3 days reading and trying all solutions provided throughout the HAK5 forums. Can anyone help?

SEC Dynamics, LLC

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First of all; what have you already tried? It's just waste of time to suggest things that doesn't solve your problem. However..... you can try the following (if you already haven't):

If having a Micro SD card with a config.txt that should work when it comes to WiFi, but still doesn't work, then.....
Insert a blank Micro SD card into the Crab and boot it up
Power off the Crab
Edit the config.txt file and add the WiFi network config on the Micro SD card
Boot the Crab again

Are you using a PSK with special chars? If so, don't escape those chars as the docs say. It will not work. The escape char (\ = backslash) will be echoed into wpa_supplicant.conf which makes WiFi fail.


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