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Accessing PineApple from C2 Server (Pro Edition)


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PineApple Enterprise is communicating with C2 server but I'm not able to connect back to the PineApple using the [Terminal & UI] connection options.

Under Status, both SSH Tunnel and UI Tunnel are (RED).  Under both Connection and WiFi Pineapple UI the buttons are greyed out.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

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Is port 2022 open in any firewall that might be in place between the Pineapple and the C2 server (assuming that defaults are used)?

Try to ssh into the Pineapple and run:

wget <C2serverIP_or_domainname>:2022

it should create an index.html file with the content "SSH-2.0-Go" (need to Ctrl+C out of the wget "session")

or simply use ssh (on port 2022), it won't login but should respond

netcat is also possible to use

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