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Major Warning!!!!


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Skip to the end for the beef.

I will shorten what is a massive story. My name is unecessary, I had a great job prior to my unfortunate mistakes. I was an Information System Security officer at Boeing, with a clearance brought over from the military. 


Had no IT background leaving the military, but worked my way in. The job was primarily administrative outside a few mundane tasks. Knowledge is developed over time. I was bored though, found Hak5, and other tools for beginners(still a beginner) up to any skill. 


Eventually invested in what found useful, Bash Bunny, Lan Turtle, Shark Jack, all the OM.G there is, portahack rf, proxmark, Lan star and eventually the flipper zero for the lolz. Awesome fun, used minimally, but a great intro into the true world of cyber security and what brought us all... Hack everything, legally ofcourse. 


So, I am a combat vet, even before that had a very unorthodox rough life. Had few TBIs, in the military. My skull was fractured in three places on one occasion, along with my nose being flattened I also lost all my teeth, and didnt wake up for several days. It also involved several more irrelevant injuries.


Moving on, there was friction between a team member and I, he was a straight a-hole, I confronted him... I called him a bitch. The Job came under fire,  However, the TBI led to the belief I may suffer from CTE and whatever blah blah acronym. In denial, I became distant and short with everyone... really helped my case!

the VA confirmed that i very likely do, my brain shows... stuff. It is horrible though and it's effects range from migraines, like super migraines, to me forgetting whole conversations. Then I become angry when told, not at anyone, just in general. 

Last segway paragragh, my frame of mind led to a brutal divorce that likely was already on the way, my wife angry at my choices, was unaware that would rebel against any form of authority. I've ruined my life, but a simple arrest in the beginning caused me an issue I'm a year later ready to share for you to avoid. 


I'm sure many of you don't get arrested, but if you do, be careful. The detective, that the beat cops turned over my pentesting equipment too was not tech savvy. Fair enough, but, their lack of understanding led them to take every piece of technology I owned and hand it to the OSBI(oklahoma state vesion of fbi). I have tried repeatedly, but doubt I will see the return of the items they understood enough to take. Now, they are attempting to find any way to prosecute me for owning it. 


Life warning, any person can end up in my shoes. My choices, may or may not have led to my divorce and the arrest thereafter. Just be cautious, with your life, and what you have on your gear. Mine was blank, except maybe the Rick roll prank, but it's a nightmare I wish on no one. 


Hak5 is awesome and I'll still stand on the fact the brand has no ill will and any real dangerous hacker would use other means. I will not go easy, but I will own my mistakes. 


Felt good to vent a little, whether anyone reads this or not. 

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My god man. Im.really.sorry you have had to.go through this. The first part of your story I very much relate to. Also a veteran, and like you, blew up on some lazy dirt bag workers that never lifted a finger to help anyone.


As far as your hear goes, it's not illegal to own it. As long as you have done nothing illegal with it, the cops should be able to get it back for you.

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