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LAN turtle the OS got corrupted


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my turtle was awesomely working with latest 6.2 frmwr . I had to buy it from Europe as noone in US had it in stock. Payed over 180$ and it worked for 3 weeks...

i am lost with what else i can try for recovering it...

one the reboots the OS got currupted such way that the factory reset is not even triggered as the bootloader is probably corrupted... 


any ideas how to access it ? 
no dhcp on Lan either of course


looks like pure OS corruption that requires reflash from UART. 

any ideas ?

Thank you!


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I would suggest to contact the reseller from where you bought the Turtle and get assistance. Contacting official Hak5 support will probably result in that you will be directed to the reseller, but you can always try submitting a support ticket to official Hak5 support and ask.

Trying to access the Turtle using hardware serial is something I wouldn't advise to do since it will probably void warranty.

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