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PHP Mysql help?


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Just wonder is it possible to combine PHPBB Forums, Coppermine Photo Gallery , Wordpress Blog and Media Wiki? So the point is to login using only 1 account for all? Is it possible? Read somewhere but could not understand how to do it.

It would be great if someone could create a finished product of this and upload.

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Possible, but would require lots of editing all all said products.

Let's say you took phpBB as the starting application to modify. The first thing you would probably want to do is move the user names and password hashes out of the phpBB database in to there own globally accessible database (globally accessible meaning by any application). Usernames and hashes would be stored in there own database then every other applicaton would have it's own database. This is forboth 'tidiness' and security. From there would you have to figure out how to make every other php application use this database as it's own user database. the development process would probably go some thing along those lines.

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