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Key Croc interrupted and stops working once a QUACK STRING is interrupted


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Hey guys,

So i just got my Key Croc, and if i type something on my keyboard during a QUACK STRING command execution (when text is being typed on my computer), the text stops writing (which maybe is warranted of course) BUT after that, my keyboard stops fully working. I can no longer type anything, and i have to manually eject and re-insert the KeyCroc for the keyboard to work again. 

Any thoughs about this? Any way to prevent this? 

And also: I want to output a LONG text, but i noticed that it only writes around 50-150 characters, so i ahve to split the text up into alot of QUACK STRING commands. Any other workaround or is this the way to do it?

Thanks in advance. 

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I would most likely disable keyboard input when the Croc is doing stuff on the target and use QUACK LOCK (followed by QUACK UNLOCK when done). If I remember it correctly, there is some bug related to QUACK LOCK that will be fixed in the upcoming 1.4 fw.

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