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A few basic questions


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Well, I have been using PJ for a long time, now, but I have a few questions about some basic functions.

First, what is CDDB lookup? I have changed it but it seems to do nothing.

Secondly, next to the grab button there are a couple fields that say "info disabled"... How can I enable this?

Next, does it matter if I put my Pandora username into the box for it?

And finally, is it possible for PJ to include more than just Artist & Name in the tagging process?

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CDDB lookup looks up the artist/song title on the CDDB site and if successful, should fill in the rest of the info like album title (album, track number, label, year and genre). Only, from the looks of the code, it does *not* look like it's currently functional presumably because Gracenote/CDDB have changed the page layout.

The artist and album info being disabled would be because you have "last.fm Data" set to off. If on, it's supposed to retrieve the info from last.fm. Though it only seems to work erratically here, possibly for the same reason the CDDB feature doesn't seem to work... the page parsing likely needs to be updated, though I haven't looked at the code for that.

The Pandora Username box should now (CF7) actually contain your email address for your pandora account. I believe it's optional, and it's used to retrieve your station information from http://feeds.pandora.com/feeds/ which used to use usernames, but now uses email addresses for lookups. Then it's used to for the playlists which are generated by the setting "playlist.filename.bystation=true"

And if the CDDB feature were working, that would be how you get more track info as mentioned above. Shouldn't be hard to fix, I haven't bothered myself because I usually run tracks through MusicBrainz Picard anyway.

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