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cant connect c2 to wifi pineapple nano


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You are most likely in a directory where the device.config file isn't available when you try to scp it.

Lets say that you are using a computer with a Linux based distro. You start a web browser on that computer and login to your Cloud C2 server. Then opening the page/tab for the Nano and downloading the device.config file.

What could happen in that scenario is that the browser stores the device.config file in /home/[username]/Downloads

Then you open a terminal which most likely starts in /home/[username]

When you execute the scp command, it can't find the file because you are positioned in /home/[username] and the device.config file is located in /home/[username]/Downloads and you get a message like:
"device.config: No such file or directory"

So, either you change directory to where the device.config file was downloaded (/home/[username]/Downloads in this example) and run the scp command. Or, use an absolute path when running the scp command:
scp /home/[username]/Downloads/device.config root@

Note1: [username] is an example and a "placeholder" for any real username on the system that is used
Note2: If on another OS than something Linux based, then address the device.config file based on what's common knowledge about files and directories on that specific OS

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