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Found my Mark V - want to use it as pure AP

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I just found my old Mark V and upgraded to 3.0.0 firmware. However, I have no use for it as hacking tool / audit tool anymore. But what I need is a pure AP to be vonnected directly to my Router (Ethernet).

Is there any simple way to use it in this way only without providing an Open AP in parallel?

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Not an owner of the Mark V, but it should be possible to configure it to be less of a Mark V and more of a "generic" OpenWrt device. Be briefly examining the latest firmware bin file, it seems as if it's based on some build of OpenWrt 12.09.x. However, that is for the 2.4.0 firmware release that is the latest available one on the Hak5 Downloads web site. Where did you get hold of a 3.0.0 firmware release for the Mark V? In any way, the OpenWrt version could be checked on the device itself to be sure. The Mark V seems to share the main architecture with the Nano and the Packet Squirrel (AR9331 SoC) and since those device are running on a more recent version of OpenWrt (19.07.x for both the Nano and Squirrel), it might be possible to upgrade to a newer and more generic version of OpenWrt on the Mark V.

There are even images for 22.03 for the Nano and the Squirrel on the OpenWrt web site, but those aren't officially supported by Hak5 as far as I know (at least not for the Nano since it's EOL since long). I guess those images just takes the Hak5 device up to the mentioned OpenWrt version but no Hak5 features will be enabled. It could at least act as some kind of hint that it is possible to run that version of OpenWrt on that kind of architecture, so perhaps also possible for the Mark V. It is depending on more things than just CPU/SoC architecture though. It needs storage as well that is sufficient to install newer versions.

Trying to upgrade the OpenWrt version might be like jumping into the pool at the deep end. Just configuring the already existing OS is most likely less risky. I haven't been dealing with OpenWrt enabled devices with such old OpenWrt versions for a while, so I can't remember if the configuration is the same as on newer versions. I would probably start to examine running processes and try to eliminate the start of any specific processes related to Hak5 functionality and also take a look at the files in /etc/config (if they are valid for that kind of OpenWrt version) and configure the network devices in the way that I want it.


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Thx, I checked out openWRT and nano related posts and was able now to flash openWRT and it finds at least one WiFi interface. 

The 3.0.0 FW was released as a Beta only by Hak5 for the MKV but also does not provide me with support for my simple use-case.

Thx for the openWRT / nano Tipp which gave me some direction. Now need to understand openWRT config 😉 but well documented …

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