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Ducky Script -> Powershell


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The Windows Powershell always removes the brackets from the string, which I insert via the ducky script.

ducky script: STRING 1..10|%{Start-Process "[URL-Placeholder]";Start-Sleep -Seconds 1}

powershell: 1..10| % Start-Process "[URL-Placeholder]";Start-Sleep -Seconds 1}

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks 🙂

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Is there actually a layout specific to Swiss-German layout in PayloadStudio? I might have missed it, but de.json or ch.json is the closest to German that I can find and that is not really the same thing as Swiss-German layout, right? Or is ch.json the one you use? As I understand it the Swiss layout is "optimized" for different languages such as French and Italian so it's not possible to use de.json I guess.

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Since Switzerland is a country of many languages, I'm not sure how things work, and even less when it comes to common keyboard layouts used. In any case, you need to make sure that the keyboard mapping is correct before continuing to troubleshoot. I haven't seen that the Ducky miss specific single chars before in a way that hasn't been related to language file issues. It might be a flaw in the Ducky implementation, but I really don't think that it's the top thing to start to troubleshoot or "blame" (or being the reason at all, it's a pretty solid and proven concept).

When I need to verify a keyboard layout (or create a new one), I most often bring up a picture of a US keyboard (Google search) and then look at the keyboard layout I want to create and map it correctly using the us.json file as a template. Then use this workflow as some kind of method; "ok, so the physical key on the US keyboard creates the # char when sending the key code 02,00,20, but the same physical key for the keyboard layout that I want to create produces the § char for the same physical key, therefor I need to map 02,00,20 to § in the language file I'm about to create..." and so on, working through the physical keyboard key by key and map everything in the language file. Some things are the same between a lot of layouts, some not. It should also be said that not all language files available are complete. Some are, but some can just be tagged as "created with best effort" and needs some verification and work to be complete.

Just to be sure, you are using the ch.json in PayloadStudio when you encode the payload?

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