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After reading a lot about the Pineapple, I decided to buy the Mark VII+MK7AC. But after installing and configuring, I can't find all the modules I had planned to use. 

My biggest disappointment is not finding the HTTP Proxy module, which allows you to inject http/js code into web pages visited by customers. 


I have several questions:

1) Why is this module missing from my modules? 

2) Is it planned to be adapted for the Mark VII? 

3) Can I install it from a third-party source? If so, how? 


Thank you all




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It's most likely missing due to the fact that no one has seen the need of developing it for the Mark VII. I guess you have used the 6th gen "library" of modules as reference. However, a lot of the modules and methods that they rely upon are obsolete today. A lot (all) http based traffic is using https today and you can't downgrade https to http like you could some years ago due to different countermeasures (such as hsts and mandatory use of https in modern browsers). Acting in a man-in-the-middle position and alter traffic isn't possible in such a case if you haven't got access to key material enabling decryption of traffic.

Answer to question number 2 specifically is that there is no plan up until someone decides to develop that module. Modules are community developed and nothing that Hak5 provides as a part of the product.

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Thank you very much for your reply. 

Indeed, HTTPS traffic is very largely in the majority today, but I would have liked to make some tests. 

Any ideas for "convert" a 6th génération module for a Pineapple Mark VII ?

The structure of the modules looks different, should I starting from scratch? 

I searched informations about it, But I didn't find much. 


Thank you again for taking the time to answer me. Have a great day. 

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