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Wifi Pineapple MK7 + GPS + Kismet issues


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Hi all,

First of all, as a new member, I would like to say hello to the group. I'm still relatively new and maybe not that familiar with the Pineapple. I apologize for that. Although I've read a lot here in the forum, I'm not really getting anywhere.

I would like to use the Pineapple to test my network. This works better and better. Furthermore, I use it for fun for Wardriven. And this is where I reach my limits.

My setup: Wifi Pineapple, U-Blox GPS and AWUSACM. (thx to Glytch for the videos)
I start the connection via an IPad (whether via SSH or via the management page).
If I use it like this, the Kismet server loses the connection after a short time. => Error: 15 sec. without connect or Wlan3 missing firmware.

If I use the same setup via laptop and USB-C, everything remains stable and I can wardrive until the laptop battery is empty. No errors, no crashes etc.

Maybe someone knows a solution to fix the problem.
I'm happy about any help :)

kind regards


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I would most likely bet my money on the fact that the Pineapple doesn't have the CPU power enough to run Kismet like that. Depends on how you run Kismet (just as a "collector" that provides data to some other device that does the heavy lifting or the full Kismet on the Pineapple) and in which environment ("AP dense" or not).

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Hi Dark,

kismet and kismet-capture-wifi are installed on the system as described by Glytch. I am running the nativ installed wardrive.conf to make shure that the capture is small as possibe incl. the wigle.net output. The output is stored on an USB Drive.

When i run the kismet http server, the Dashboard on the Pineapple shows CPU usage at the first "booting" moment between 60-75% and goes down after some seconds to 35-40% sometimes 25-30%. The Mem usage is aprox. 20%.

The Pineapple settings is at passive, no evil, no sniffer ... as lean as possible. Hope that was your question

The complete setup is coording to the setup and scripts from Glytch

Thx for trying to help me ;)
I'm like my staus a newbe :(

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