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I need help with my Bitlocker Key

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I need help with a Bitlockercracker. My Datatransfer was interupted and I can´t read my Data short I can´t open my Dataplate. I tghink I have a Cryptovirus or had a bruteforce attack before and now I need help with the correct path in and out. I´ve found a MOD online wich works on TPM. Think that´s needed. I like to put it in here. Think it´s written correct in, but not to get it out of the Hardware. I have too less knowings about programmings and have consulted a specialist that can´t help me, because his work lays nearly one year in his Storage without beeing over worked. Fucked twice. Would be nice when some could fullfill the rest of the Mod:


"""This module implements BitLocker key extractor analyzer for Saleae Logic 2

Installation: I think "define" at first is ok isn´t it?

(This MOD is of a Stefan from his Homepage)
Add the analyzer by selecting Load Existing Extension from Logic 2's extensions tab.
from enum import Enum
import re
from saleae.analyzers import HighLevelAnalyzer, AnalyzerFrame

WAIT_MASK = 0x01
WAIT_END = 0x01
TPM_DATA_FIFO_0 = 0xd40024


class Operation(Enum):
    """Enum for a TPM transaction type"""
    READ = 0x80
    WRITE = 0x00

class TransactionState(Enum):
    """Different states for the decofing state machine"""
    WAIT = 3

class Transaction:
    """Capsulates one TPM SPI transaction

        start_time: A timestamp when the first byte in this transatcion captured.
        operation: Transaction type.
        size: The number of data bytes.

        start_time: A timestamp when the first byte in this transatcion captured.
        end_time: A timestamp when the last byte in this transatcion captured.
        operation (Operation): Transaction type.
        address (bytearray): The target address in the transatcion. (big-endian).
        data (bytearray): The data in the transatcion.
        size (int): The number of data bytes.
        wait_count (int): Holds the number of wait states between the address and data .
    start_time: float
    end_time: float
    operation: Operation
    address: bytearray
    data: bytearray
    size: int
    wait_count: int

    def __init__(self, start_time, operation, size):
        self.start_time = start_time
        self.end_time = None
        self.operation = operation
        self.address = bytearray()
        self.data = bytearray()
        self.size = size
        self.wait_count = 0

    def is_complete(self):
        """Return True if this transaction is complete.
        A transaction is complete when all address and data bytes are capture"""
        return self.is_address_complete() and self.is_data_complete()

    def is_data_complete(self):
        """Return True if all data bytes are captured."""
        return len(self.data) == self.size

    def is_address_complete(self):
        """Return True if all three address bytes are captured."""
        return len(self.address) == 3

class Hla(HighLevelAnalyzer):
    """Implements the BitLocker key extractor

        state (TransactionState): The current state of the state machine
        current_transaction (Transaction): Contains the transaction to be decoded
        window (bytearray): the last WINDOW_SIZE bytes from transactions. Used to search the key
    result_types = {}

    state = TransactionState.READ_OPERATION
    current_transaction = None
    window = b''

    def __init__(self):

    def decode(self, frame: AnalyzerFrame):
        if frame.type == 'enable':
        elif frame.type == 'disable':
        elif frame.type == 'result':
            mosi = frame.data['mosi'][0]
            miso = frame.data['miso'][0]
            self._state_machine(mosi, miso, frame)

    def _reset_state_machine(self):
        self.state = TransactionState.READ_OPERATION

    def _state_machine(self, mosi, miso, frame):
        machine = {
            TransactionState.READ_OPERATION: self._read_state,
            TransactionState.READ_ADDRESS: self._read_address_state,
            TransactionState.WAIT: self._wait_state,
            TransactionState.TRANSFER_BYTE: self._transfer_byte_state
        return machine[self.state](mosi, miso, frame)

    def _read_state(self, mosi, miso, frame):
        operation = Operation(mosi & OPERATION_MASK)
        size_of_transfer = (mosi & ADDRESS_MASK) + 1
        self.current_transaction = Transaction(
            frame.start_time, operation, size_of_transfer)
        self.state = TransactionState.READ_ADDRESS

    def _read_address_state(self, mosi, miso, frame):
        self.current_transaction.address += mosi.to_bytes(1, byteorder='big')
        address_complete = self.current_transaction.is_address_complete()
        if address_complete and not miso & WAIT_MASK:
            self.state = TransactionState.WAIT
        elif address_complete:
            self.state = TransactionState.TRANSFER_BYTE

    def _wait_state(self, mosi, miso, frame):
        self.current_transaction.wait_count += 1
        if miso == WAIT_END:
            self.state = TransactionState.TRANSFER_BYTE

    def _transfer_byte_state(self, mosi, miso, frame):
        if self.current_transaction.operation == Operation.READ:
            self.current_transaction.data += miso.to_bytes(1, byteorder='big')
        elif self.current_transaction.operation == Operation.WRITE:
            self.current_transaction.data += mosi.to_bytes(1, byteorder='big')

        if self.current_transaction.is_complete():
            self.current_transaction.end_time = frame.end_time
            key = self._find_key()
            if key:
                print(f'[+] Found BitLocker key: {key}')
                self.window = b''
            if len(self.window) >= WINDOW_SIZE:
                self.window = self.window[-WINDOW_SIZE:]

    def _append_transaction(self):
        if int.from_bytes(self.current_transaction.address, "big") != TPM_DATA_FIFO_0:
        self.window += self.current_transaction.data

    def _find_key(self):
        data = self.window.hex()
        key = re.findall(
            r'2c000[0-6]000[1-9]000[0-1]000[0-5]200000(\w{64})', data)
        if key:
            return key[0]
        return None

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