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Connection Issue

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Hey all so for simplicity sake my Management AP is "Management" and I did set up a passwd whilst hardwired to my PC (Win10)

When I turn on the pineapple it shows my chosen LED color I customized it to, and I see a lot of AP's I've gathered from my area. 

The problem: I cant see "Management" unless I reboot the Pineapple by power cycling it. Once I power it back on and it boots up I briefly (10 seconds or so) see "Management" AND "Management 2" The former is open and the latter is secured. Once I select one or the other (both get the following error) I see "Can't Connect to this network" then I hit Cancel and both "Management" and "Management 2" do not show up as AP's to connect to. Then I power cycle, rinse, repeat with no effect. "Management is supposed to be hidden but it does not populate as "hidden network" and before anyone asks, yes the pineapple is well within range (same desk).

I have connected successfully via this AP in the past but wondering why I'm unable to now. Hardwire seems to be the only solution now.

Any help is appreciated. 

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OK, a bit confused, so in need of some clarification


1 hour ago, LimaAlpha said:

my Management AP is "Management" and I did set up a passwd


1 hour ago, LimaAlpha said:

"Management" AND "Management 2" The former is open and the latter is secured

So, first "Management" is secured with a passphrase and not late thereafter it's define as open. Which one is secure and which one is open? If you have managed to flip the ESSIDs around on the connecting device, you might end up getting messages that you can't connect to the any of the networks/APs (if trying to connect to an open network using passphrase and the other way around). I'd suggest starting over. And that is not doing a factory reset, but just rename the ESSIDs and make them easy to distinguish in a way that you can't confuse yourself, i.e. call the management ESSID/AP something that includes "management" and the open ESSID/AP something that includes "open" and then connect to them from your device (PC, or whatever device you are connecting to the Pineapple) as new networks.

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Yes Management is secured with a passphrase, my Wi-Fi adapter is showing two Management AP's with the first being open and Management 2 being secured. I wont be able to enter a Passwd if there is an open AP so that wasn't the issue. to further complicate things the Open AP was something totally different entirely "Open WiFi".

I did a factory reset and all is well now. I also changed the power supply to ensure a adequate power (not an issue earlier but better safe than sorry).

Thanks for the help! :)

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