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Hi, i have a problem with UPDATE_PAYLOADS command. I configure my SharkJack as described in manual with NETMODE_DHCP_CLIENT; I Test succesfully the ping command "ping -c3 example.com" but when I send the command UPDATE_PAYLOADS I receive this message:

Downloading payloads repository...
tar: can't open '/tmp/payloads-sync.tar.gz': No such file or directory
cp: can't stat '/tmp/payloads-sync/sharkjack-payloads-master/payloads/library/': No such fule or directory
Succesfully syncronized payloads repository.

The PAYLOAD dosen't donwloaded

Do you ave any idea?

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The download of the tar.gz file most likely fails because of the fact that the Shark date and time is incorrect. The Shark doesn't have an RTC and reverts to a date too far back in time on boot which makes the https curl download fail due to certificate reasons. Set the Shark date and time using the date command before running UPDATE_PAYLOADS.

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